March 7, 2017

HAR Premium Content

HAR Premium Content

Access information that was previously only provided to real estate professionals.

Ideal for both buyers and sellers, as well as those looking to stay up to date with their own neighborhood trends.

There are three main items of interest:

  • Actual Sold Prices – not a sold “range” like it was before. This is an exact price.
  • Days on Market – know how long a home has been listed for.
  • Property History Reports – see recent MLS activity for the home, like if it was listed for sale last year and at what price.

HAR Premium: A Brief Overview

HAR Premium is Free!

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HAR Premium For Home Sellers

Having access to exact sold prices and days on market information is a huge benefit to home sellers that wish to be able to better understand their local real estate market.

HAR Premium  – Creating a Saved Search

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, creating a saved search may be the very first thing you do to keep an eye on your target market. By setting up a search, it makes it easy to always run the search in the future, or even better, it will allow you to receive notifications on changes like new listings or price drops in that search.

HAR Premium Bookmarking Feature

By setting up a free HAR account you will be able to better organize and bookmark your favorite listings you’d like to reference later. This is a powerful way to keep track of what the real estate market is doing in your area.

HAR Premium Update Notifications

Stay up to date with notifications of new listings, sold homes and price changes by enabling Update Notifications within your HAR account. These notifications will run based on a saved search or from your bookmarked properties.