How To List Your Home On The MLS For Free In Houston

Save Money When You Sell

Hey everyone, David Edgerton here. I am a full time real estate agent in the Greater Houston area. Thank you so much for taking the time. This video is the secret on how you can list your house on the MLS for free; the HAR Houston guide.

So, I’m excited to go over this video. Now, a lot of these details are on my website but let me just lay it out here. So, if you’re looking to sell your house, your intention is to move and most likely you’re going to be a seller and the buyer.

So, you’re going to have two transactions involved. You’re going to sell and then you’re going to buy. The decision to sell is a huge decision and just to move, it’s a huge decision because number one, it’s very costly to move and it’s very stressful.

Selling, looking for a house, paying all the closing costs and fees to sell; the cost of moving, packing, cleaning and then finding your house, going through the mortgage or buying it and the inspections and all of that, utilities, furnishing your new house. I mean, it is very, very, very difficult. I do not take it lightly and I sympathize with everybody who goes through it.

So, the number one thing for me is that to sell and buy, it’s extremely costly. If someone goes through a traditional real estate broker, like a brand name broker, they’re going to pay 6% to list it on the MLS and to sell it. That’ll be paid to all the brokers involved, your listing broker and then the buyer’s agents broker.

And then also when you sell there’s going to be a lot of closing costs involved, there’s going to be title escrow fees, there’s going to be a title policy, you may even have to buy some sort of warranty for the new buyer.

These escrow fees could be anywhere from like 1%, let’s say. So, let’s just say for conversations sake you’re at 7% fees when you sell your house, and then when you buy your new house, let’s just say you use a mortgage, most people do, when you buy it, your lender is going to charge you points or origination fees and document fees and a title fee; this could be anywhere from a percent to one and a half percent, two percent.

And then the cost of moving, if you just do it yourself and even if you hire some movers just to pack stuff up and move the heavy stuff and you rent your own U-haul, you know, you’re easily looking at $1,000 or more.

You’re going to be taking a lot of time off work maybe and it’s just super stressful. So, you know, we could be… even be up to the multiple thousands, $5,000 to move, easy!

So, it is a very big decision. But a lot of times, real estate agents, they feel like they struck gold if they could help someone sell a house and buy a new house because they’re basically going to get paid on two transactions; one to sell and one to buy. And, you know, they’re going to do a lot of work but let’s be real.

I think the people who do most of the work are the people involved in the transactions, you; the seller and the buyer, you are doing the most of the work.

You’re getting your house ready, you’re keeping your house clean, you’re packing, you’re moving, you’re going through your lender and buying things, you’re doing a lot of the inspections, you’re probably doing your own research and you’ve already identified where it is that you want to move to.

So, don’t sell yourself short, you are doing a lot of work and to sell a house these days for most listing agents; if you just look at a listing out there, if you just started looking at listings on HAR or Zillow, you’re going to see that there’s nothing that’s really too impressive about them.

Maybe they got a professional photo, maybe they wrote a pretty good description, they laid out the photos in a nice order, maybe they even have a video attached to it or maybe something like what I do as well is I do a 3d virtual tours. They have a brand name behind them, like a Keller Williams or REMAX or whatnot.

But if you’re a buyer, put yourself in a buyer shoes, do you actually care who the listing agent is? I don’t think so.

You care about the house and the price and the condition and the location. So, if you’re a seller, the most important thing is if you have a professional listing, and it’s priced right and it’s presented well, your house is clean and it’s in a good condition, your house should sell.

Again, I think the most important factor is, is it priced at a realistic price to actually sell?

So, if you if you sell it and then you buy your house and you’ve already identified the neighborhood where you want live; you already know that you want, let’s say four bedrooms with the downstairs master and an office and a three car garage and you want it to be in this neighborhood and you’ve already looked at the homes in the neighborhood and you all know that they sell between 300 and 400, and this is exactly what’s in your budget, and you know that if you see the house it’s probably going to be a good fit and you’ll have the ability to buy it.

So, you’ve already identified everything that you know that you want. So, let’s say that you go with my program which is “if you hire me as your real estate agent, I will sell your house for free if you use me to buy”. So, let’s say that you pay nothing to list your house and sell it, you will be paying a 3% buyer broker commission if the buyer has their own real estate agent where most of them do because, you know, the best buyers always have realtors. So, to sell your house you’ll pay 3% to a buyer’s agent and then when you buy your next house that seller of whoever you bought the house from will pay me 3% Commission.

So, I’m basically saying that I’ll do two transactions; sell your house and help you buy your house for the price of one, just 3%. So, rather than me getting paid 6%, I would be making like 3%. Restrictions apply.

The biggest factor in why I say restrictions apply is how many times with me working with you as a buyer am I going to be showing you homes? Because let me just be honest, my time is very important as is your time and a lot of the pricing is going to be based on how many times I’m going to go show you homes.

I have the complete details on my website but in most cases, most people are able to sell their house for free if they use me to buy.

This is not like a bait and switch gimmick. I don’t want this to be like I’m trying to fool anyone but I just had to say restrictions apply and I want to be on the same page with you. So, any and all agreements that we do and for me to work with you, we just need to be on the same page, so it is always best that we have a written agreement in place.

But if you are looking to sell and buy, you definitely want to interview a few different agents out there; kind of get a feel and get to know them and to see if they’re going to be a right fit for you and really find out if they’re going to treat you right and make sure that they have your best interest at heart.

Remember, right now I am running the “sell your house for free if you use me to buy your next house”. Restrictions apply, but I have that information on my website. Thanks again. Have a great day!