What Is The Best MLS Listing Website?

Buyers start their home search online first.

Hey guys, David Edgerton here, “The Edge in Houston Real Estate.” Hope everyone is having a great day! I see this question from time to time on the internet… What is the best MLS listing website?

So, I’m trying to put myself in that person’s shoes on why they’re asking that; it sounds like they’re a seller, they want to list on the MLS in the hopes of finding the best possible buyer.

I’m going to start by saying that the MLS stands for the Multiple Listing Service and the these MLSs were created by local realtors depending on where you live.

The local Association of Realtors control the MLS and let’s say Texas for example, there’s Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Lubbock, so all these different geographic areas are controlled by the cities local MLS.

In Houston it’s the Houston Association of Realtors. If you’re looking to sell your house in Houston and you’re looking to be on the MLS, you really only have one option and that’s dealing with an agent who’s a member of HAR.

The good news is that when you work with a realtor and you sell your house on the local MLS it’s going to be automatically distributed to all the other websites out there, whether that be Zillow or Trulia, Realtor.com and all these other thousands of different little websites where buyers have a chance to see your house.

The difference between the MLS and real estate websites: It may be confusing to think what is the best MLS listing website, vs, what is the best real estate website?

In reality, the best website is wherever the buyers are searching.
The top websites, at least in Houston would be HAR.com; that is the Houston association of realtor website, it’s a fantastic website. There’s Zillow, it’s a top website, realtor.com, trulia.com and then there’s, you know, all these different websites agents have… a lot of agents have their own website where you can search for Houston homes, Redfin has a great website as well. So, those are all part of the local MLS.

An important point to make is that as a seller, if you work with a Realtor and list your home for sale on the MLS, the seller is promising to pay a buyer’s Realtor’s commission. In most locations, this “finders fee” commission to the buyer’s agent is 3% of the sales price.

Now, if you’re saying, well, I don’t want to work with a realtor, I just want to sell it For Sale By Owner, then you’re going to be significantly limited on where you’re going to be able to post your house online because you won’t be able to work with… if you’re not going to work with a realtor, it’s not going to be in the MLS.

You can post it on Zillow’s For Sale By Owner section, maybe in Craigslist, there could be several different for sale by owner websites that specifically cater to for sale by owners or maybe in, you know, your neighborhood has a newsletter, you can put it in there, or maybe the Green Sheet.

Now, if you’re looking for a flat fee or discount listing but still be in the MLS then you need to work with a realtor who’s going to charge you less in fees than the going rate. I explain this in another video and blog post.

Hopefully that this kind of answered your questions on that or on what is the best MLS listing website.

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